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Differential Service and Repair
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Differential Service and Repair

At AAMCO Costa Mesa, we offer comprehensive Differential Service and Repair. Your differential allows each wheel to turn a different speed than the other, while providing power to both. If one wheel is spinning slower than the other in a turn or in slippery conditions, the internal gears in the differential will keep driving the other one without any skidding or chattering.

The differential operates so that no torque is lost and the tires aren’t damaged every time you make a turn. Because the gears and bearings require special lubricants to make sure it operates correctly, maintaining the correct level of lubricant and changing the lubricant when prescribed is essential. Noises, shuddering, whining and banging can all be noises associated with a problem.

AAMCO Costa Mesa experts can quickly and accurately diagnose differential problems and provide repairs or maintenance as required.